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EVE Plugins (Extended Version Edition)

Postby Mehtuus » May 6th, 2015, 6:44 pm

Due to recent 'advancements' by Mozilla, EVE addons have been depreciated.

For a long time it has been a semi-regular basis that I have had to edit addons to allow them to install into current versions of programs. Even more so, now that Firefox seems to have a new version every time you blink.
When I edited the addon I would add my Nym as part of the addon name so that I would be able to recognize it as one of my edited addons. I could also upload it and share it and know that it would work fine while not being confused with the original. The edited addon (when not hosted on mozilla.com) would also be able to update to a newer addon version from the original author with no problems; updating would replace my edited version with the new one from the original author.

While my nym system worked sufficiently well, I have always felt it to be a little narcissistic. And so the addons with which I have edited in the above manner, I have decided to call Extended Version Edition, or EVE. To identify these addons, their names will be appended with " - EVE" + the maximum allowed version of the software into which the addon will install. Here is an example with a maximum install version of two hundred: Copy Plain Text - EVE200

NOTE: This section is valid only for addons not hosted on mozilla.com.

If there is any doubt as to whether or not an addon has been abandoned by the original developer, the addon will retain it's GUID given to it by the original developer (this will allow updating, if they release one) and it's version number will be adjusted to conform to the following guidelines:

EVE versions work slightly differently than EVE names. Here's an example version number for an EVE addon: 0.3.4.EVE1a
When the version number is broken apart with parentheses it will look like this: (0.3.4) (.EVE1a)

0.3.4 refers to the addon version from the original developer.
.EVE1a indicates that the addon is an Extended Version Edition, followed by the EVE version number for the plugin. In this example the version is 1a.

NOTE: This section is valid only for addons not hosted on mozilla.com.

When you update an EVE addon with a new version from the original author, the new addon version will completely replace your EVE plugin. This is normal behavior and will not change.

Mozilla requires each "hosted" addon to have it's own GUID number; which has the effect of making each addon unique. What that means is that all of the EVE addons that I host on mozilla.com will have their own unique GUID number. This also has the consequence of preventing the addon from updating to the original developer's new version when they publish an update.

Because of this ALL of the EVE addons that I have hosted on mozilla.com will have a version number that I have assigned to it. This will be a new version number and it will be separate from the original developer's version number. Because of this uniqueness, such addons will very likely receive a new name as well. I will strive to do this only when the original author has seemingly abandoned the addon. If the original developer starts maintaining the addon again, I will then default back to their new version - if doing so will not be a regression of features.

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