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Copy As Plain Text - TRANSLATIONS

Postby Mehtuus » September 7th, 2015, 3:11 pm

There are three files that must be updated for proper locale setup:
1. install.rdf
2. copyplaintext.dtd

Localization description. Only translate text surrounded by "em" tags. Of those, translate as needed the following tags:
locale, name, description, developer, translator.

Code: Select all

         <em:name>Copy As Plain Text</em:name>
         <em:description>Removes formatting from copied text.</em:description>
         <em:developer>Abandoned by Jeremy Gillick (Copy Plain Text original developer)</em:developer>

Supplies the wording for the user interface.
Translate all the text inside the "quotes".

Code: Select all

<!-- Window Title -->
<!ENTITY capt.options.windowtitle "Settings..."><!-- updated wording Sept 29, 2015 -->

<!-- Options (Standard) -->
<!ENTITY "Choose Cleanup Options"><!-- updated code & wording Sept 29, 2015 -->
<!ENTITY capt.options.trim.label "Trim Space From Ends Of Selection"><!-- updated wording Sept 29, 2015 -->
<!ENTITY "Remove Duplicate Spaces">
<!ENTITY capt.options.extranewline.label "Remove Blank Lines"><!-- updated wording Sept 29, 2015 -->

<!-- Options (Special) -->
<!ENTITY "Special Options"><!-- NEW -->
<!ENTITY capt.options.removecarriagereturns.label "Remove Carriage Returns"><!-- NEW -->
<!ENTITY capt.options.removeallspaces.label "Remove ALL Spaces And Lines"><!-- updated wording Sept 29, 2015 -->
<!ENTITY capt.options.onlynumbers.label "Copy Numbers ONLY"><!-- NEW -->

<!-- Browser Override -->
<!ENTITY "Browser Override"><!-- updated code & wording Sept 29, 2015 -->
<!ENTITY capt.options.copybind.label "Always Copy Using Selected Options"><!-- updated wording Sept 29, 2015 -->

<!-- Right Click Menu -->
<!ENTITY "Copy As Plain Text">
<!ENTITY "y">

<!-- Mobile Options -->
<!ENTITY capt.options.homepage.label "Home Page">
Supplies internal wording for the addon.
Change all text that comes after the " = "

Code: Select all

notLoadPrefs=Could not load preferences.
notSavePrefs=Could not save preferences.
unknownErrorOccur=An unknown error occurred.
description=Removes formatting from copied text.
translator=(Fill here translator name instead of this text)

Put your translation uploads, questions and comments in this thread.

Download the Translation Template below.
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